poudriere: options, it’s all about options

Last night, and again this morning, I thought my inbox was rather light. When I checked Nagios, I found out why. I saw two mail servers:

nyi-vpn       check_postfix_queue CRITICAL	06-10-2014 12:12:38	 0d 12h 51m 40s	4/4	96 mail(s) in queue 
supernews-vpn check_postfix_queue CRITICAL	06-10-2014 12:11:10	 0d 10h 48m 8s	4/4	124 mail(s) in queue 

It seems we have a problem.

Checking the mail logs for one of those servers, I see the reason:

status=deferred (TLS is required, but was not offered by host mailjail.example.org[])

Ahhh, I see. I recently upgraded the packages on that server (mailjail.example.org) but I neglected to select the relevant options (see below for a tip).

To set the options, I ran this command:

sudo poudriere options -c -z mailjail mail/postfix


  • mailjail – the name of the set I use for this host

If this is not immediately obvious to you, please read more on using poudriere.

I ran a bulk build via poudriere, and after installing the new packages and restarting both dovecot and postfix, mail started flowing again.


If you have been installing ports from source on your server, then /var/db/ports on that server is useful when setting up poudriere. This directory contains the options set via make config. In my case I copied that directory to /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/ and renamed it to mailjail-options. Poudriere will automatically use those options when I specify the -z mailjail option.

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