December 2018

Adding a zroot pool to an existing system

Current FreeBSD versions will allow you to create a zroot zpool from which you can boot. However, when I created the main zpool for slocum (on Fri May 3 2:16 2013), that option did not exist. You might ask: how do I know that date? [dan@slocum:~] $ zfs get creation system NAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCE …

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This post has been replaced by a newer one. For reference, the previous post on this server is still available. The most recent change was extracting the beadm boot environment to a new zpool, zroot. For future reference, this is the slocum server, which I use for various jails and services. It is mounted in …

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This is x8dtu (named after the SuperMicro motherboard). This is the new FreshPorts server. The older post is still available In short: FreeBSD 11.2 booting off a mirrored pair of zfsroot SSDs 4.5TB of mirrored ZFS 196612 MB of RAM (yeah, that’s 196GB of RAM) SuperMicro X8DTU motherboard Intel Xeon E5620 @ 2.40GHz (two of …

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