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Jul 162017

Now that I have configured my webserver to pull down any new certificates, now it’s time to configure my clients to pull certificates from the webserver. In my quest for a centralized Let’s Encrypt solution, I’ve created the FreeBSD port for (an ACME client for Let’s Encrypt) and anvil, a tool for distributing and […]

Jan 222019

I noticed some double timestamps in my logs recently. They started just after I upgraded the host to FreeBSD 12, but I am not convinced they are related. This is from /var/log/messsages: Jan 22 21:41:40 knew 1 2019-01-22T21:41:40.760533+00:00 pkg 89351 – – py36-iocage-devel upgraded:,1 ->,1 They started late yesterday, this is from […]

Feb 242018

Let’s Encrypt is an easy way to get free SSL certificates in an automated manner. You may never have to manually do another cert renewal again. Last night, I received this email: From: Cron Daemon To: Subject: Cron /usr/local/bin/cert-puller Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 23:57:00 +0000 (UTC) /etc/rc.conf: 3: not found /etc/rc.conf: yr: not […]

Aug 202017

In general, passphrase-less ssh keys are a security nightmare. It is similar to leaving the key to your front door in the lock. Anyone stumbling across it has access to your house. Similarly, if someone gets your ssh key, and there is no passphrase on it, they can use that key for anything which grants […]

May 052014

It seems that when I decided to send a filesystem from one server to another, I neglected to establish sufficient space existed. This morning, before I headed to BSDCan, I found that my server was very sluggish and slow to respond. Nagios was flagging all kinds of errors, some of which I’d never seen before. […]