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Jul 162017

Now that I have configured my webserver to pull down any new certificates, now it’s time to configure my clients to pull certificates from the webserver. In my quest for a centralized Let’s Encrypt solution, I’ve created the FreeBSD port for (an ACME client for Let’s Encrypt) and anvil, a tool for distributing and […]

Jul 072021
cron is running all jobs twice - solved

This started earlier today and I solved it only just now. It took me a while to find out it was duplicate cron jobs, and even longer to find out why. It started with lockf notifications (if you’ve never heard of lockf before, please read this Twitter thread for examples). In short, one of those […]

Mar 222021

I updated net/mosquitto from 1.6.7_1 to 2.0.8 on March 14, 2021. It did not get restarted at that time. It wasn’t until sysutils/anvil brought in a new certificate and attempted to restart mosquitto did the monitoring start detecting the problem: mosquitto wasn’t running. It’s the pid file Looking into it, nothing was logged when starting […]

Jan 012020

The R720 is showing a message like this from time to time: Jan 1 07:42:20 r720-01 kernel: sonewconn: pcb 0xfffff835e785d5b8: Listen queue overflow: 8 already in queue awaiting acceptance (1 occurrences) Jan 1 08:02:21 r720-01 syslogd: last message repeated 1 times Jan 1 08:27:22 r720-01 kernel: sonewconn: pcb 0xfffff835e785d5b8: Listen queue overflow: 8 already in […]

Mar 242019
using syncthing between my OSX laptop and my FreeBSD server

We know the routine. You have a desktop, and a laptop, or perhaps two laptops. You want your files in both places. A shared, remotely mounted directory is not ideal. Instead, let’s have the systems synchronize themselves. That’s where syncthing comes in: Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized. […]