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Jan 222019

I noticed some double timestamps in my logs recently. They started just after I upgraded the host to FreeBSD 12, but I am not convinced they are related. This is from /var/log/messsages: Jan 22 21:41:40 knew 1 2019-01-22T21:41:40.760533+00:00 pkg 89351 – – py36-iocage-devel upgraded:,1 ->,1 They started late yesterday, this is from […]

Feb 242018

Let’s Encrypt is an easy way to get free SSL certificates in an automated manner. You may never have to manually do another cert renewal again. Last night, I received this email: From: Cron Daemon To: Subject: Cron /usr/local/bin/cert-puller Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 23:57:00 +0000 (UTC) /etc/rc.conf: 3: not found /etc/rc.conf: yr: not […]

May 052014

It seems that when I decided to send a filesystem from one server to another, I neglected to establish sufficient space existed. This morning, before I headed to BSDCan, I found that my server was very sluggish and slow to respond. Nagios was flagging all kinds of errors, some of which I’d never seen before. […]