Bacula – your time to donate!

If you use Bacula, now is the time to donate. The project is raising funds to drive an encryption subproject. All funds will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The original call for funds is here and here. The status as of today is here (they are just under the 40% mark).

Avoiding deadlock on FreshPorts

FreshPorts is an automated reporting mechanism for the FreeBSD ports and package. You may be familiar with freshmeat, upon which FreshPorts is loosely based. The major difference is that FreshPorts is 100% automated; everything operates off scripts. Features The key features of FreshPorts includes a powerful search tool and the ability to create custom watch …

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Spammers are amazing

I suspect spammers are paying people to post messages to my forums in The FreeBSD Diary. I started blocking them by IP address, but I quickly bored of that. Then I started required people to register before posting. That stopped them.

BSDCan 2005

It has been nearly three months since my last post. Let me change that now. BSDCan 2005 was a roaring success. We had 197 people, up from 175 last year. We had lots of compliments, and hints of corporate sponsorship. People came from 15 different countries including 26 from outside North America. That’s pretty impressive. …

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