Bacula – Network Backups

More and more people are learning about Bacula. Here is a little survey I did at LISA06.

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1 thought on “Bacula – Network Backups”

  1. I used Bacula at my previous employer to backup: Linux, OpenBSD, Windows 2000,XP,2003, and AIX 5.1

    Bacula provided a solution when I had no budget for backup software. The Linux systems (about 30) acted as Tivoli (TMF) gateways. The Linux systems were commodity PCs, so when the IDE HDs failed it took hours (usually at least 4) to clean up the Tivoli environment and rebuild the failed gateway. Using Bacula and mkCDrec I cut that time down to under an hour, and most of that time was not spent doing anything except waiting for the restore to finish. I recovered 2 failed Linux systems with Bacula.

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