No bracelet

For the first time since I put it on in May 2001, I am without the custom bracelet Bronwyn made for me just before I left New Zealand. It is not lost, merely left behind. I’ll retrieve it next weekend, and it’s been put aside for me. But for the next 6 days, it will …

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Avoiding dynamic IP address woes with a VPN

I’m sick of dealing with dynamic IP issues. My broadband connection at home has a dynamic IP address. I can always find out what my home IP address is. I’m using dns/noip to manage a hostname which points to home. I can always ssh home via the hostname. The problems arise when I try to …

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US Postal System

The US postal system seems pretty good to me. I mailed some bike parts back to Chris King in Portland, from Philadelphia. I mailed the package at about 5pm on Tuesday night. The package was delivered about 1pm the next day. Cost: $5.45, including delivery confirmation. Nice. Very nice. Chris King had already sent me …

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