May 072008

I picked up Eric at his office on the way home. He and I caught up on the trip along March Road to his place. Then he got on his home computer to continue his work day and I got on my laptop to catch up on more registrations. I noticed that more PGCon registrations are flowing in and so are more for BSDCan.

Diane Bruce send me some PNG files which will be used as a screen saver for the opening session of BSDCan. I had asked on chat@ for help with this. Diane came through. Thank you.

We dined on pulled pork. Always a great choice. Then we watched the latest episode of Medium, and I headed home at about 7:30 or so.

I started going through the mail I picked up. There was a lot of junk mail to process. In amongst the material destined directly for the recycling bin, I found a number of cheques. Tomorrow I will update my cash flow documents so my accountant will know about these checks. There’s nothing more annoying than having your accountant ask you what this deposit for $235.94 last May was for…. I can’t possibly remember. So I document and save. At the same time, I’ll reconcile the checks with the registrations and send out the confirmation notices for those attendees. The next step will be a trip to the bank to deposit said cheques. People that attend conferences don’t bounce cheques. Well, at least not for my conferences. I’ve never encountered one.

At about 9PM I started assembling the registration computer, the screen, and the printer in order to print off some invoices. The invoices were on the MacBook. The Windows computer had the printer driver. Simple solution: transfer the invoices (in HTML format) to the other computer. How? Hmm, network. Well, could do wireless… then what? scp? well, no. Ahh, thumb drives. Simple.

I got the invoices over to the Windows computer and opened them in Opera. All of them. This takes a while. In short, you select the files in Windows Explorer, then drag and drop them into Opera. This overloads the system and it takes a while for it to open all the files and render them. I went upstairs, grabbed an orange, and watched what my parents were watching: Deal or No Deal, from Estonia. Howe Mandel is great.

Back downstairs. Oh, I opened the files in alphabetical order. Which means the file I’m looking at now starts with Z. Which means they’ll print in reverse alphabetical order. Oh well. Close Opera, start again. Back upstairs. More Howie. See a guy win $218,000 (or so). Back downstairs. Oh. BSDCan 2007. Damn. I have invoices from last year. Search and destroy. Find all files in this directory with BSDCan 2007 in them. Delete. OK, I have about 105 invoices. That’s not enough. There should be more.

I decide to defer printing invoices until I can get back online and double check the invoices. If I had more than dial up here, I’d do that, no worries. But as it is, I’ll do it in the morning.

It is now 2203. I think I’ll head off to bed and get to sleep early. There is road construction nearby and they start at 7AM. There’s nothing like the scraping of a road grader on asphalt to wake you up early. The more sleep I get before sunrise, the better. That way, I can have breakfast, shower, and head off to Starbucks early, get the invoices done (again) and be ready to hit the bank with the deposits as it opens.

Good night. :)

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