Thursday – wrapup

Thursday – wrapup

It is now 2224. I’m in bed. Detroit beat Dallas. Significantly.

After leaving Starbucks, St Laurent, I head downtown for the OCUUG meeting. St Laurent you say? Yes. I was at Elmvale Acres shopping center getting my watch fixed. One of the strap pins was loose and the watch kept falling off. It has also needed a new battery for perhaps a year. For the past two days, it displayed nothing. The couple in the jewelry shop were very helpful While they did the work, I wandered through Home Hardware and the LCBO. While at the latter, I enquired about a particular whiskey I bought last Christmas which I quite liked. They had none.

Back to the shop. Pick up and pay for the watch. Over to Starbucks and do some more email. In this round:

  • Send off another proof to the sponsor.
  • Clarify something for the supplier regarding that proof.
  • Confirm a registration and payment for an attendee from China.
  • Inform a sponsor that their inserts need to be here early next week in order to get into the registration packs, which we will probably do on Wednesday morning during the first set of tutorials.
  • Confirm a set of complimentary registrations for a sponsor

That address issue for a venue, mentioned in a previous post was a false alarm. Yes, there is another establishment with the same name, 23 miles from downtown. Same street number. Slightly different street name.

When I arrive at the OCUUG meet, Dru is already there. I order a beer and we start dividing the BSDCan badges up and sorting them. Diane Bruce arrives shortly thereafter and she helps. Finishing up the BSDCan badges, we proceed to do the PGCon badges. We finish all this in about 25-30 minutes.

Our inside contact at Bell Canada arrives and we talk about various issues, including the atrocious behaviour that often occurs during strikes. Odd how equipment gets damaged during strikes that is never others affected. Very strange indeed. We also discussed the throttling that TekSavvy reported Bell Canada was undertaking. This has been very big news all across North America. Well, it made Slashdot didn’t it?

By 7:30 or so, it was time to head out. Dru helped me check out the address which raised questions earlier in the day. We drove down to York street and visually sited the dinner venue. Yes, it does indeed exist down there, despite what Google does not know. I’ll contact the vendor tomorrow and confirm what their event broker has told them.

Having confirmed the site, I dropped Dru off so she could catch a bus home.

Arriving home at about 8:10, I watched the remainder of the hockey game. Had some of that whiskey I mentioned. I also made some notes. Here are my plans for Friday:

  • Arrange a room at Les Suites
  • Call Subaru regarding an odd sound in the car
  • Announce the PGCon dinner arrangements
  • Make an appointment with the doctor since I’m in town
  • Same with the dentist
  • Add a few things to the map:
    • PGCon dinner
    • U of O parking lots
    • Starbucks near U of O
    • Hard Rock Cafe as a reference point for the PGCon dinner
  • Mention the alternative accommodation at Algonquin campus
  • email the PGCon speakers regarding their accommodation
  • Put out a call for FSR radios for use during the conference
  • Add the PGCon dinner to the schedule

It is now 2046. I’ve been listening to CBC radio. I’m pretty tired and my alarm is set for 0630. A lot to do on Friday. Friday night is dinner with my parents and their friends Elaine and Tony.

… night

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