Sunday – Penguins win game 2!

Sunday – Penguins win game 2!

Sunday was busier than I expected. I made it home about 2pm and sat outside with my folks talking to Ted. He’s been our neighbour since I was a teenager and we’ve known him since before that. Some of his daughters had lived in the house before he moved in. I asked Ted about living in Holland during World War 2. His part of Holland, closer to Belgium and farther south from the ocean, was relatively well off, considering the circumstances. It was nearer the cities that food shortages occurred.

I watched a bit of the USA/Finland game. It got pretty dirty at times.

By about 4pm I got antsy and had to check my email. Back to Starbucks and see what’s going on. Found out that two out of three speakers from Australia had some sort of light delay.

Sent some email to a contact in the SITE building asking for a storage area during the conferences. They have been good to us every year.

I also contact OGWIFI asking if they wanted to be involved with the conferences.

Confirmed some conference attendees for another sponsor.

Refunded someone who will not be attending BSDCan after all.

Sent off a query to someone about staying at Algonquin college for accommodation.

Back home at 5:30 for dinner. Steak. Potatoes. Broccoli. Finland had won. After dinner, back to the email.

Confirmed with a speaker that I gave him the wrong dates for his accommodation. The reservation was correct with the hotel, I just got the dates wrong when composing the email. Sorry about that.

I refreshed the website with a speaker’s biography.

I heard from Mr RT regarding the PGCon lightning talks.

Back home to watch the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia game. I’m rooting for the Penguins. End of period two, it’s back to email.

I sent off an email to the FreeBSD Dev Summit group telling them about the secret hacking lounge for evening use. I find out that two of our three Australian speakers have made it. Speaker Three will arrive on Monday morning, a day late, but still in time.

I do a quick check of the budget pages to see if I’ve missed any speaker travel/accommodation requests. I find nothing I have not already dealt with.

Back home for period 3, now 7 minutes in progress. Good 3rd period. Lots of good action and quality play. Penguins win game 2, 4-2.

For Monday:

  • Visit U of O and check on catering+room selections
  • Get a room for the 15th for one chap visiting from out of town
  • arrange a place for dinner on Wed night
  • Contact the pub regarding Sat night.
  • See about pizza for Dev Summit
  • Ask residence about remote internet access
  • Get hacking lounge finalized
  • let the Royal Oak know numbers for Tuesday

Oh, and perhaps call Subaru, make a doctor’s appointment, and see my dentist.

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