May 122008

Monday – wrap up

Today was a very satisfying day. There were a wide range of problems to be solved and tasks carried out.

I’ve talked to my favorite pizza place and they’re doing lunch for Wednesday. A Thai place is doing dinner Wednesday night. Thursday is a box lunch and an Indian sit-down dinner. This will be great food. Oh? What? Yes, the FreeBSD Dev Summit is pretty much good-to-go. So is the PostgreSQL Dev Summit. I’ll be scouting a venue for the latter tomorrow. With fewer people, we can go somewhere off campus.

Tasks today also included:

  • Confirm delivery by PGCon sponsor of registration pack inserts
  • Arrange an import certificate for my Subaru
  • Visit my doctor regarding the gut problems I’ve been having
  • Dealing with a speaker who can do no evil
  • pickup registration pack inserts from local printer
  • ping some sponsors regarding their inserts

Known tasks for Tuesday will include:

  • confirming dinner for Saturday night
  • picking up lots of $2 coins from the bank (for parking)
  • site visit to confirm the room for the PostgreSQL Dev Summit
  • mail pickup at the UPS Store
  • pickup the BSDCan + PGCon tote bags and lanyards
  • pickup the BSDCan t-shirts
  • finalize and sign the BSDCan contract with U of O
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