BSDCan/PGCon – the wrap up

I’ve cleared out everything from U of O. Everything is now at my parents place, including the main sponsor’s signs. If we are fortunate, perhaps we can use them again next year.

After unloading all the gear from the car (5 boxes), I had part of a beer on the patio to cool down. Eventually I got too cold and moved inside, where I started typing up this entry while seated on my dad’s lazy-boy chair. I napped for about 20 minutes and then it was dinner time. Salmon and potatoes.

At 8pm, the Stanley Cup final series starts between Detroit and Pittsburgh. We’ll be watching that.

I estimated the t-shirts and tote bags much better this year. There is just one PGCon t-shirt left over, and that’s mine.

What we didn’t do well is estimate sizes. We will order more S, M, and L next year. And less XL, 2XL, and 3XL. I guess the crowd is shrinking.

Lunch estimation for PGCon was better than for BSDCan. I think more BSDCan people head to local restaurants etc. I think we had about 15 extra lunches at PGCon and roughly 30 extra at BSDCan.

For next year I’ll remember to do this:

  • Now that we have more sponsors, we need to provide more information to them as to what we can and can. For example, sign size, printing locations, and sign printers. Let them know that we cannot ship things back out to them. We have no facilities for that.
  • Include taxi phone numbers on the website
  • Add Novetel to the list of hotels
  • Increase the number of hotel rooms set aside for attendees
  • perhaps buy a laptop (and lock) for the registration desk. That is easier than lugging around a desktop and screen. Setup/tear down is much easier as well
  • order fewer badge holders. We have 400 at present.
  • Things to do:

    • pack car for trip back to PA
    • donations to Mission (done)
    • upload my PGCon slides
    • drop printer at Eric’s

    On the way back to PA:

    • import the Subaru into the US so it can be licensed with PA
    • ?
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