Speakers and travel

The following query pulls back the speakers and their travel:

SELECT distinct S.name, S.email, CP.conference_person_id, arrival_from,
                arrival_to, arrival_number, arrival_date, arrival_time,
                departure_from, departure_to, departure_number, departure_date, departure_time
  FROM event E, view_event_person P, view_mail_all_speaker S, 
       conference_person CP, conference_person_travel CPT 
 WHERE E.event_id = P.event_id
   AND P.person_id = S.person_id
   AND E.conference_id = 7
   AND CP.conference_id = E.conference_id
   AND E.event_state = 'accepted'
   AND E.event_state_progress NOT IN ('rejected', 'canceled')
   AND P.event_role_name = 'Speaker'
   AND S.person_id = CP.person_id
   AND CPT.conference_person_id = CP.conference_person_id
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