Using ezjail-admin archive to create a new jail, almost like an existing jail

I use FreeBSD Jails. I use them a lot. I have jails for websites. I have jails for regression testing, mail servers, OpenVPN servers, etc. I like jails for many reasons. One of which is being able to create a new jail which is pretty much identical to another jail, except for a few things.

In this case, I wanted to create a new jail to do regression testing for Bacula, the best backup solution around. Existing jails ran tests for MySQL 5.1, MySQL 5.5, PostgreSQL 8.4, PostgreSQL 9.0, and PostgreSQL 9.2. I wanted to start regression testing on PostgreSQL 9.3. I started by cloning the 9.2 jail:

# ezjail-admin stop
# ezjail-admin archive
# ezjail-admin create -a /usr/jails/ezjail_archives/pg92_example_org-201310141916.06.tar.gz

NOTE: I typed those commands from memory; they may be incorrect, but worst case: they’re a good starting point for you.

Then I connected to the console and amended the hostname in /etc/r.conf, upgraded the client, dumped database and globals file, stopped postgresql, upgraded the server, reimported.

# portugrade -o databases/postgresql93-client postgresql-client
# pg_dumpall > dump.sql
# pg_dumpall --globals > globals.sql
# service postgresql stop
# cd /usr/local/pgsql
# mv data 92.DELETEME
# portugrade -o databases/postgresql93-server postgresql-server
# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/postgresql initdb
# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/postgresql start
# su pgsql
$ psql template1 < globals.sql
$ psql template1 < dump.sql

Everything went smoothly.

Except for pg92, which would start, but I couldn't do anything with it. Nagios was reporting:

CRITICAL - no connection to 'template1' (FATAL: semctl(36438029, 3, SETVAL, 0) failed: Invalid argument 

Attempts to access the database gave this error:

$ psql -l
psql: FATAL:  semctl(36700173, 3, SETVAL, 0) failed: Invalid argument

I left that overnight, figuring I had to bump some boot parameters to cater for the additional PostgreSQL instance running on this server. I was wrong. Googling for that error message, I came across my article on running multiple jails. Oh yeah, you can't have the same UID for PostgreSQL in each jail.

Oh that's easily solved.

I chose to alter the UID in pg92, because that's the one which was not running. I changed both the UID in /etc/passwd and the GID in /etc/group. Then I ran:

chown -R pgsql:pgsql /usr/local/pgsql

Hope that helps you.

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