Sep 102019

I have scripts for monitoring vulns in FreeBSD jails. They use third-party scripts. All I wrote was the Nagios part of the solution.

I was preparing slides for my Why I prefer thick jails over thin jails talk at EuroBSDCon 2019. There is still time to register and attend. I was explaining my scripts and was providing links to …

I realized I should create a repo:

These scripts do the following:

  • pkg audit of the host
  • pkg audit of each jail (or whatever jails you specify)
  • audit of the base OS of the host
  • audit of the base OS of each jail (or whatever jails you specify)

I find it useful because known vulnerabilities are brought to my attention via Nagios.

I upgrade my hosts and jails on a regular basis. From time to time I have missed something. Nagios let me know.

Things I’d like to do

I’d like to monitor the installed poudriere jails to see if I have not upgraded them.

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