What files installed by this package have been modified post-install?

You’ve seen it. A package gets installed. Some shell scripts are included. They get modified. It happens.

But how do you know what has changed?

I know there is a tool in pkg for this. I know there is a periodic script which uses it. Let’s go looking.

In this post:

  • FreeBSD 12.1


$ cd /usr/local/etc/periodic/
$ find . | grep checksum

There it is!

Looking inside, I found pkg check. I should have been able to guess that one. By the way, you won’t find -s on that man page. It needs updating.

Using pkg check

# pkg check -s keycloak
Checking keycloak: 100%

Oh. I was expecting changes. I think the files I changed were sample files. I could pkg delete the port and see what is left.

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