October 2022

openvpn: error=CRL has expired

After the former FreshPorts server was retired, its OpenVPN credential were revoked. I maintain those certificates via ssl-admin. I uploaded the new CRL into the System | Certificate Manager | Certificate Revocation page in pfSense. Today, I was seeing strange errors in Nagios, and figured someone wasn’t connected to the VPN. Checking OpenVPN client logs,

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Upgrading an NVMe zpool from 222G to 1TB drives

The FreshPorts dev, test, and stage websites are hosted on a server in my basement. Each instance consists of two jails: an ingress node – for pulling in new commits (and other data) into the database. a webserver node – for displaying the web pages. The new drives: Sometimes the zpool gets too close to

Upgrading an NVMe zpool from 222G to 1TB drives Read More »

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