Replacing postfix with dma

I like Postfix. I’ve been a fan of it for over 20 years. I deployed it on every host for outgoing email. Lately, I’ve taken to using dma (DragonFly Mail Agent) as my preferred mail handler on jails and hosts which don’t need to deal with incoming mail, only outgoing mail. After first getting serious with it about 6 months ago, I decided to remove it from all internal hosts during the consolidation of two hosts into one.

In this post:

  1. FreeBSD 13.1

I’ve been moving jails and as they arrive on the new host, I’ve been running a couple of Ansible playbooks on them to remove and disable Postfix, and to enable dma (which is part of the base system for FreeBSD).

The playbooks are at

I’d run the postfix-remove.yml playbook, then the dma.yml playbook. That made it easy.

Things to check

Some applications want to connect to port 25. You may get failures in your jail. I reconfigured such applications to connect to the SMARTHOST value specified in my /etc/dma/dma.conf file.

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