A multi-platform regression testing machine

I’m considering implementing a multi-platform regression testing box. This would be used to run regression tests on each of the platforms. My first consideration was install each OS on a different partition/HDD, then boot into each OS for each test. Then I considerered something like VMWare, or Xen. The pros/cons I thought of were:   […]

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The new bike

I’ve been asking around about a replacement bike. Here are the threads I’ve been involved in: http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=328743 http://one2ride.org/bulletin/index.php?topic=1357.0 So it looks like I want a Santa Cruz Heckler, with a D kit, and a rear shock upgrade to the Fox RP23. Unfortunately, my local bike shop J-Town Bike does not have it in stock. There

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