Sep 112017

I’ve been running Apache since 1998. Nginx didn’t exist then. FreshPorts runs on Apache mostly because that’s what I was using. There was no selection process. I use Nginx in a few locations, but I’ve never run FreshPorts on it. I am configuring a new server (x8dtu) for FreshPorts. So far, I have two jails: […]

Sep 042017
Bacula - copy to tape by job size

Backups are pretty amazing. The things you can do with them can be both highly entertaining and surprisingly easy. Today, we will venture into the easy part. Yesterday was the first Sunday of the month, which, according to my Bacula installation’s schedule is the day for full backups. Today, now that that is done, is […]

Aug 212017

I just swapped out a drive which was involved in a gmirror swap. This is the current status: $ gmirror status Name Status Components mirror/swap DEGRADED da0p2 (ACTIVE) da2p2 (ACTIVE) da3p2 (ACTIVE) da4p2 (ACTIVE) da5p2 (ACTIVE) da9p2 (ACTIVE) da10p2 (ACTIVE) Here is how I can fix that: sudo gmirror forget swap The above tells gmirror […]