May 222021

I am going to upgrade a FreeBSD 12.2 host to FreeBSD 13.0 with one reboot. Actually, here, because of the zpool update, there is another reboot. This is significantly fewer than the standard upgrade process (yeah, critics claim 1 is not significantly less than 2; sigh). The instructions are taken from vermaden’s blog post on […]

Apr 252021

I have found this bizarre situation where a FreeBSD 12.2 snapshot cannot be destroyed. This is the simple example, which works: [dan@pkg01:~] $ sudo zfs snapshot tank_fast/poudriere@snapshot-for-backup [dan@pkg01:~] $ sudo zfs destroy tank_fast/poudriere@snapshot-for-backup [dan@pkg01:~] $ This is the simple example, which fails: [dan@pkg01:~] $ sudo zfs snapshot tank_fast/poudriere@snapshot-for-backup [dan@pkg01:~] $ ls /usr/local/poudriere/.zfs/snapshot/snapshot-for-backup cache data jails […]

Apr 202021

In this post I will be creating a ‘new’ jail which uses vnet. I say ‘new’ because I am actually Converting an iocage jail to a vanilla jail which happens to use vnet. NOTE: I failed to get this to work. I’m still going to post it though. What I did wrong: I should not […]

Apr 032021

snmpd can be royal pain to configure. I got my hints from Ryan Steinmetz, the maintainer for the FreeBSD port. Lately, net-snmpd has changed how net-snmp-config works. In this post: FreeBSD 12.2 net-snmp-5.9_3,1 Compare my hints with the following, run today with net-snmp-5.9_3,1: [dan@nginx01:~] $ sudo net-snmp-config –create-snmpv3-user -ro -x AES -a SHA -A ‘secret123’ […]

Mar 242021

I recently discovered that you can delete all snapshot from a ZFS filesystem with a single command. It came to me via fortune: You can delete a range of ZFS snapshots (a-z) in multiple ways. The following will delete d and all earlier snapshots: zfs destroy mypool/data@%d To delete d and all later snapshots: zfs […]

Mar 222021

I updated net/mosquitto from 1.6.7_1 to 2.0.8 on March 14, 2021. It did not get restarted at that time. It wasn’t until sysutils/anvil brought in a new certificate and attempted to restart mosquitto did the monitoring start detecting the problem: mosquitto wasn’t running. It’s the pid file Looking into it, nothing was logged when starting […]

Mar 132021
Eaton EMA114-10 ePDU - initial configuration

On Friday, the latest addition to the #homelab turned up. An Eaton EMA114-10 PDU. A PDU is a Power Distribution Unit. Think of it as a step up from a power strip. This is a 24 outlet, single phase, managed PDU. With it, individual outlets can be monitored for power usage and they can be […]