Mar 242021

I recently discovered that you can delete all snapshot from a ZFS filesystem with a single command. It came to me via fortune: You can delete a range of ZFS snapshots (a-z) in multiple ways. The following will delete d and all earlier snapshots: zfs destroy mypool/data@%d To delete d and all later snapshots: zfs […]

Mar 222021

I updated net/mosquitto from 1.6.7_1 to 2.0.8 on March 14, 2021. It did not get restarted at that time. It wasn’t until sysutils/anvil brought in a new certificate and attempted to restart mosquitto did the monitoring start detecting the problem: mosquitto wasn’t running. It’s the pid file Looking into it, nothing was logged when starting […]

Mar 132021
Eaton EMA114-10 ePDU - initial configuration

On Friday, the latest addition to the #homelab turned up. An Eaton EMA114-10 PDU. A PDU is a Power Distribution Unit. Think of it as a step up from a power strip. This is a 24 outlet, single phase, managed PDU. With it, individual outlets can be monitored for power usage and they can be […]

Mar 082021

This is not a significant post. It is for the record. I received 20 new LTO4 tapes recently. I attached the external labels to them after using *label barcodes pool=Scratch storage=bacula-sd-02 drive=0 slot=1-7,11-15,17-23,39,47 Connecting to Storage daemon bacula-sd-02 at … 3306 Issuing autochanger “slots” command. Device “bacula-sd-02” has 47 slots. Connecting to Storage […]

Mar 062021

I use irssi and a script keepnick for grabbing my nick when it becomes available. From time to time, I get this message: Irssi: Unknown command: keepnick How do I fix this? It has happened before. I did not blog it. Ouch. I could have this solved by now if I had. My solution, this […]

Dec 272020
No IPv6 routes on AWS EC2 FreeBSD 12.2 instance

I’m trying and failing to get IPv6 routing working on my AWS EC2 FreeBSD 12.2 instance. My current status: The host has an IPv6 address rtsol is running ping6 gives ping6: UDP connect: No route to host no issues with IP4 traffic In this post, I will work through Migrating to IPv6 with the […]

Dec 242020

Today I faced the first implications of deciding to tightly restrict the use of nsupdate keys for modifying TXT records for dns-01 challenges with Let’s Encrypt. Context This section should be on and you can skip it to get to the real stuff. Today I’m working on a mostly automated FreshPorts node deployment. A […]