Oct 202006

Today, as I was writing up an invoice, I accidentally saved it over another.

No worries!  Bacula to the rescue.  I managed to get the original files back from tape.

One hint: include your pathnames in “quotes” so they are correctly parsed.  Like this:

$ dir
----------   0 root     wheel            0  1969-12-31 19:00:00  c:/
$ cd "c:/Documents and Settings/Dan Langille/My Documents/Technologies"
cwd is: c:/Documents and Settings/Dan Langille/My Documents/Technologies/
$ dir
-rwxrwxrwx   1 root     wheel        63655  2006-10-05 14:32:49  c:/Documents and Settings/Dan Langille/My Documents/Technologies/Staff-2006.09.29.pdf
-rwxrwxrwx   1 root     wheel        29696  2006-10-05 14:32:29  c:/Documents and Settings/Dan Langille/My Documents/Technologies/Staff-2006.09.29.xls
$ mark *
2 files marked.
Bootstrap records written to /home/bacula/working/bacula-dir.1.restore.bsr

The job will require the following Volumes:


2 files selected to be restored.

Run Restore job
JobName:    RestoreFiles
Bootstrap:  /home/bacula/working/bacula-dir.1.restore.bsr
Where:      /tmp/bacula-restores
Replace:    always
FileSet:    Full Set
Client:     wocker-fd
Storage:    DLT
When:       2006-10-20 18:00:57
Catalog:    MyCatalog
Priority:   10
OK to run? (yes/mod/no): yes
Job started. JobId=11313
You have messages.

5 minutes later, I had my files. That includes locating the tape in my very efficient storage units. :)

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  3 Responses to “Bacula – restoring to Windows”

  1. Where do you find the restore files after restoring from bacula? It seems to restore windows files to windows client: wocker-fd, but ‘where’ condition is set to /tmp/bacula-restores. This path is invalid in windows OS. I don’t know where to find my restored files. Thanks

  2. Did you check c:/tmp/bacula-restores?

  3. Testing hiding the URI field.