Half way to Florida

I am staying in the Hampton Inn at Jonesville, NC. This morning I was in Ottawa. That’s about 1400km north of here. My friend on my journey was a Garmin Nuvi 250. And there are about 1165km to go.

The conferences are over (BSDCan & PGCon), all the gear is packed up, and stored at Willie’s place, ready for 2008. I’ve torn down my rack, packed it into the car, and headed south for Jupiter. The plan was to do this in two days. But the traffic was good, and I was good to go.

It’s odd. As soon as I cross the border, I can tell I’m in another country. It’s not just the feel. There is a visible difference as well. The people are different too. Sometimes the differences are obvious, but for others, subtle. You wouldn’t think it would be that distinct. It’s just a few miles. Surely there can’t be that much change in such a short difference.

Yes, there is a connection to Open Source here…

I’m sure you’ve figured it out already…. I’ll wait for your comments… :)

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