May 202008

It is now 9:43 PM. I’ve just arrived home after signing the contract for the PG Dev Summit tomorrow morning. The sponsor will reimburse me later.

I spent 4:30-8:45 PM at the Royal Oak conversing with the various attendees.

I paid the bills of two people who forgot to pay their bills. With this, the waitress gets a very large tip. I will collect from the people in question tomorrow morning. This happens from time to time and it is always negligence, not malice.

Wednesday morning will involve packing up the printer and workstation and taking them to the tutorial lobby so I can print off some badges and invoices. Also needed are the tote bags, pens, invoices, badges, lanyards, and inserts from various sponsors. The bag stuffing occurs from 2pm. Then we move to the pub at 3pm.

There is one delivery missing from a sponsor. I do not know where it is.

In addition, there was to be a delivery from one sponsor to the caterer. I do not know if that arrived on time. I just emailed the caterer to find out.

If these packages are not here in time, they simply cannot be included in the conference. :(

A sponsor asked for help shipping things back from PGCon. I cannot do that. It can take an incredible amount of time to ship things back. It’s not the time spent taking it to Fedex. It is first storing the gear until you can take it to Fedex. If you do this for multiple sponsors, it is several trips between storage and delivery. It could easily take a whole morning. I wish I could help them, but it’s just not something we can handle. at this point in our evolution.

It is now 9:52 PM and I”m falling asleep. :)

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