May 202008

Today at lunch we had two scavengers. They boldly walked up to the table, took three lunches and walked out the front door. I got the first guy before he left the buildling. The second guy was caught just outside the front doors. Their only comment: we thought they were left over.

One of the two guys appeared much older than most students.

Instead, said lunches went to the Ottawa Mission, a much more deserving destintion than these two thieves.

After lunch, I headed out and did pickups:

  • four packages from Barrhaven for one sponsor, and one for another
  • three packages of t-shirts from the supplier
  • two boxes of tote-bag inserts

All this gear is safely stowed in the SITE buildling. Some of it will be retrieved tomorrow morning, loaded into the car, and brought to the tutorials for assembly. Later, it will arrive at the pub for Registration Pickup, the first big social of PGCon 2008.

I got back to the tutorials at about 3:45 PM in time to see the end of Peter Eisentraut‘s talk on Porting Oracle Applications to PostgreSQL.

Right now, people are heading to the pub as Peter’s talk is over. I’ll post this and head over there myself.

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