May 222008

Day one started at about 5am for me. I was awake, without the alarm. Ready to go.

I was out of the house by 5:50 am and into Cora’s by 6:10. On the way I deposited a cheque. Or rather, I tried to. I was at my personal bank, not my commerical bank. DOH. OK, it was early.

Breakfast. Check email, off to the SITE building. On the way, stop in at Starbucks and notice that one of the staff members appears to be arriving quite late. :) I’ll ask her about that if I see her again.

Arriving at SITE at about 7am, I start setting up the registration computer system. I print out the missing badges and start inserting them into badge holders. Along the way, the tables arrive and are set up by the delivery guys.

Dru arrives about 8am and I’m just finishing off the badge stuffing. I extract the rest of the stuff from the car (t-shirts, tote bags, etc) and move the car to the garage.

I was to get an easel or something similar for a job board. We used a concrete pillar instead.

The sponsor emailed me to let me know the sign could not be delivered. They tried, but failed to find us. Fair enough. I contacted Fedex about 11:45 and got things straightened out. The missing sign showed up at 1245. It is now in place. A volunteer has been assigned to retrieve all three signs at the end of the day so they are safely stowed away. Simlarly, someone will fetch all the power bars. I think we are short about 6. If I get time, I’ll buy some from Home Depot in the morning.

Yesterday I had ordered a special lunch for one attendee. It arrived.

During the day, I contacted my conference manager several times. Amongst the things requested were:

  • forks
  • additional coffee today and tomorrow
  • water tomorrow

One attendee needs a vegan meal. I gave him $20 and he got something from the cafeteria upstairs. He returned with the receipt and the change. No worries.

Several people asked to print. Sure, go ahead, use the registration computer. This resulted in several more job sheets being added to the job bulletin board… err concrete pillar.

I was unable to reimburse the three speakers to whom I promised money. I will do this tomorrow when I have the correct bank card with me. I’ll go during the first session and pick up some EUR and CAD.

Tiph and I helped out at lunch and distributed the Ham, Chicken, and Vegie box lunches. A few were left over after lunch and we put them by the coffee/tea. They are slowly disappearing.

I learned more about the University of Oaklahoma and their accounting practices today. Intersting what some attendees much go through in order to attend PGCon.

I asked U of O for a small room tomorrow so David Maxwell can run a session on how Coverity can help the PostgreSQL project.

I printed invoices for a few attendees.

I corresponded with a BSDCan attendee who lost his tote bag.

I found a laptop power adaptor in my box of WAPs while I was packing them up. We did not need them this year because the U of O has some wireless infrastructure now. Next year, this should be a breeze. :)

It is now 4:46 PM. I’ll be helping to pack up after the last talk finishes at 6:30. Then I’ll head to the EnterpriseDB dinner. :)

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