PGCon – day 2 of talks

After my previous post, I headed off to the EnterpriseDB dinner at the Velvet Room. The food was great. The open bar, fantastic. The servers were good at their jobs.

I sat with Danielle, Willie, Jan, and Julie. Ours was the first able to eat.

I stayed until roughly 11pm, drinking scotch. Home and in bed by midnight. Awake about 7am, just in time for the construction noise to start.

I took a slight different way to U of O this time. Bad choice. It gook me 40 minutes to get there, instead of the usual 15. I arrived about 0925. Got things set up and running. This incluces:

  • extracting stored material from the room
  • installing power bars in the lecture halls
  • placing sponsor signage into the lecture halls and registration area
  • installing power plug-in signs above the power bars

Then headed off to the bank with David Maxwell as chaffeur. I was picking up cash to reimburse speakers who had paid for their own travel.

Back about 1045.

Final arrangements for David Maxwell to have a room for a Coverity Scan session at 11:30

Adjusted my closing session slides to include new information.

It’s now 1347. :)

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