Idea from Kris Moore – PC-BSD

I’m sitting in the The Warden – FreeBSD and Linux Jail Management talk at EuroBSDCon 2012. He has mentioned two things, so far, that give me ideas. Evil ideas.

  1. Put each jail in a different ZFS data set – this may be useful for my jails running Bacula regression testing
  2. Schedule cron jobs to do snapshots on a regular basis – useful for snapshots, which I’m not really using at all

And he’s only 23 minutes into his talk…

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2 thoughts on “Idea from Kris Moore – PC-BSD”

  1. Well, I did it:

    $ zfs list
    NAME                                                                      USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
    storage                                                                  5.55T  3.33T  14.5G  /storage
    storage/compressed                                                       5.53T  3.33T  55.5K  /storage/compressed
    storage/compressed/bacula                                                4.96T  3.33T  4.96T  /storage/compressed/bacula
    storage/compressed/home                                                  2.75G  3.33T  2.75G  /storage/compressed/home
    storage/compressed/jails                                                  589G  3.33T  14.4G  /storage/compressed/jails
    storage/compressed/jails-new                                             59.7K  3.33T  59.7K  /storage/compressed/jails-new
    storage/compressed/jails/                             630M  3.33T   630M  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/                              560G  3.33T   560G  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/     5.83M      -   202G  -
    storage/compressed/jails/                               59.7K  3.33T  59.7K  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/                              493M  3.33T   493M  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/                              470M  3.33T   470M  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/                              524M  3.33T   524M  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/                              541M  3.33T   541M  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/                                 527M  3.33T   527M  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/                                 643M  3.33T   643M  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/                                 635M  3.33T   635M  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/                                 673M  3.33T   673M  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/compressed/jails/                                8.90G  3.33T  8.90G  /storage/compressed/jails/
    storage/pgsql                                                             153M  3.33T   153M  /storage/pgsql

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