raidz2: 10 disks – half and half

Following up on last weeks comparison of 10 disks vs 8 disks on raidz2, it was suggested by Marie Helene that I try more HDD on the m/b.

I’m here to report just that.

I’ve put 5 HDD on the SUPERMICRO MBD-X8SIL-O Micro ATX Server m/b and five on the LSI SATA/SAS 9211-8i 6Gb/s.

Here are the pg_restore times:

  1. 18m28.511s
  2. 18m32.359s
  3. 18m30.077s

An average of 18m 30s. This is the slowest of all my configurations tested to date, included putting two on the 2-port SATA card (HighPoint Rocket 620 2 SATA Port PCI-Express).

The pg_dump times are:

  1. 9m28.597s
  2. 9m17.922s
  3. 9m17.675s

The average is 9m 20s. Again, slower than the other test cases.

Conclusion: Having a few on the M/B is good, but putting more, slows things down.

Yes. This isn’t really a good representative example. But it’ll do for now.

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