Routing with jails

Tonight I asked a question in the OpenVPN IRC channel on FreeNode.

me: I’m getting ready to set up a new server, running an OpenVPN client. It will be running several virtual machines (FreeBSD Jails). Each VM will have both a public IP address and a non-routable IP address. I’m hoping to access all those VMs from within the VPN. Am I making sense with my objective here?

reply: “clientlan” is (#1) for a lan behind a client, the client must have ip forwarding enabled (!ipforward), the server needs a route to the lan, the server needs to push a route for the lan to clients, the server needs a ccd (!ccd) file for the client with an iroute (!iroute) entry in it, and the router of the lan the client is on needs a route added to it (!route_outside_openvpn) or (#2) see !route for a better explanation or (#3) Handy troubleshooting flowchart: | <== both flowcharts are the same

This will make administration and backups much easier.

Yes, this is all about: FreeBSD, ZFS, Jails, Bacula, Ansible, OpenVPN, ezjail, pkg, and poudriere.

I’m very excited about all this. It’s such a great combination which lends itself to much easier upgrades and maintenance.

NOTE: I’ve implemented this, and blogged about it.

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