Changing from one dataset to another within a FreeBSD [iocage] jail

ZFS has a the ability to share itself within a jail. That gives the jail some autonomy, and I like that.

I’ve written briefly about that, specifically for iocage. More recently, I started using a zfs snapshot for caching clearing.

The purpose of this post is to document the existing configuration of the production FreshPorts webserver and outline the plan on how to modify it for more zfs-snapshot-based cache clearing.

The current configuration

From within the jail, we see:

[dan@x8dtu-nginx01:~] $ zfs list
NAME                                               USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
main_tank                                          972G  3.44T    96K  /main_tank
main_tank/data                                     797G  3.44T    88K  /main_tank/data
main_tank/data/freshports                         42.4G  3.44T    88K  /main_tank/data/freshports
main_tank/data/freshports/backend                 5.55G  3.44T    88K  /main_tank/data/freshports/backend
main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache           14.3M  3.44T    88K  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-ingress01/root/var/db/freshports/cache
main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache/packages  3.65M  3.44T  3.59M  /var/db/freshports/cache/packages
[dan@x8dtu-nginx01:~] $ 

Looking at those mountpoints, it confused me. Looking closely, I see:

[dan@x8dtu-nginx01:~] $ zfs get -r -t filesystem mounted main_tank
NAME                                              PROPERTY  VALUE    SOURCE
main_tank                                         mounted   no       -
main_tank/data                                    mounted   no       -
main_tank/data/freshports                         mounted   no       -
main_tank/data/freshports/backend                 mounted   no       -
main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache           mounted   no       -
main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache/packages  mounted   yes      -
[dan@x8dtu-nginx01:~] $ 

Only main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache/packages is mounted. That puts me at ease.

The /iocage/jails mountpoint is a leftover from before this dataset was jailed.

The host

On the host, let’s look at the filesystem, from just one level up:

[dan@x8dtu:~] $ zfs list -r main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache
NAME                                               USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache           22.7M  3.44T    88K  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-ingress01/root/var/db/freshports/cache
main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache/html      7.30M  3.44T   436K  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-ingress01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/html
main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache/packages  11.4M  3.44T  11.3M  /var/db/freshports/cache/packages
main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache/ports       88K  3.44T    88K  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-ingress01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/ports
main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache/spooling  3.86M  3.44T    88K  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-ingress01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/spooling
[dan@x8dtu:~] $ 

This is shared between the backend (x8dtu-ingress01) and the frontend (x8dtu-nginx01).

I need to split apart from the frontend and the backend.

What I do elsewhere

For the dev, test, and stage jails (all on one host), I have it split by environment:

[dan@slocum:~] $ zfs list -r -d 1 nvd/freshports
nvd/freshports          136G  79.2G    23K  none
nvd/freshports/dev     39.2G  79.2G    23K  /iocage/jails/dev-ingress01/root/var/db/freshports
nvd/freshports/devgit  23.9G  79.2G    23K  /iocage/jails/devgit-ingress01/root/var/db/freshports
nvd/freshports/stage   34.6G  79.2G    23K  /iocage/jails/stage-ingress01/root/var/db/freshports
nvd/freshports/test    38.0G  79.2G    23K  /iocage/jails/test-ingress01/root/var/db/freshports
[dan@slocum:~] $ 

From there, I split it into the ingress jail and the website jail.

For production

For production I want something similar to what I have in staging:

[dan@slocum:~] $ zfs list -r system/data/freshports-cache/stage-nginx01
NAME                                                  USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
system/data/freshports-cache/stage-nginx01            527K  13.4T   176K  none
system/data/freshports-cache/stage-nginx01/packages   176K  13.4T   176K  /var/db/freshports/cache/packages
system/data/freshports-cache/stage-nginx01/ports      176K  13.4T   176K  /var/db/freshports/cache/ports
[dan@slocum:~] $ 

The packages filesystem was discussed within zfs snapshot for caching clearing. Since then, I have extended that to include ports.

Occasionally, ports is cleared out completely, but rarely. A typical usage is a recent change in caching approaches.

When I went back to the production host, I discovered more:

main_tank/data/freshports/website                  3.36G  3.44T    88K  none
main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache            3.36G  3.44T   270M  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache
main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/daily      7.99M  3.44T  7.84M  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/daily
main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/news        131M  3.44T   128K  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/news
main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/pages        88K  3.44T    88K  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/pages
main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/ports      2.89G  3.44T   111M  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/ports
main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/spooling   50.3M  3.44T  10.0M  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/spooling
[dan@x8dtu:~] $ 

Ahh, all that is not jailed. Perhaps it is time to jail that whole dataset instead of mounting them from outside.

What is involved in that?

It will be much the same process as for using zfs rollback for cache clearing.

In short…

I think these are the required steps:

  1. in x8dtu-nginx01: sudo sysrc nginx_enable=”NO”
  2. take down the website jail: sudo iocage stop x8dtu-nginx
  3. adjust the datset (the zpool name is always omitted): sudo iocage set jail_zfs_dataset=data/freshports/website x8dtu-nginx01
  4. start the jail: sudo iocage start x8dtu-nginx
  5. in the jail, adjust the mount point: sudo zfs set mountpoint=/var/db/freshports/cache main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache
  6. move the old cache away: cd /var/db/freshports/cache && mv packages packages.old
  7. create the new dataset: zfs create main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/packages
  8. snapshot it: zfs snapshot main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/packages@empty
  9. Change this line in /usr/local/etc/freshports/fp-listen.ini:
    PKG_ZFS_SNAPSHOT    = main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache/packages@empty


    PKG_ZFS_SNAPSHOT    = main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/packages@empty
  10. Let’s check the existing mountpoints:

    $ zfs get -t filesystem -r mountpoint main_tank/data/freshports/website
    NAME                                              PROPERTY    VALUE                                                              SOURCE
    main_tank/data/freshports/website                 mountpoint  none                                                               local
    main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache           mountpoint  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache           local
    main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/daily     mountpoint  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/daily     inherited from main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache
    main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/news      mountpoint  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/news      inherited from main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache
    main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/pages     mountpoint  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/pages     inherited from main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache
    main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/ports     mountpoint  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/ports     inherited from main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache
    main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache/spooling  mountpoint  /iocage/jails/x8dtu-nginx01/root/var/db/freshports/cache/spooling  inherited from main_tank/data/freshports/website/cache

    Good: inherited

    I think this should work. I will leave the actual work for another day.

    To destroy later

    I can destroy main_tank/data/freshports/backend/cache/packages later. I often like to rename files or datasets to something like _DELETE_ME_after-2020.08.30 and then set myself a reminder. Just in case. There is usually no rush to delete and I feel better about not deleting immediately. Just in case.

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