Today I faced the first consequences of my TXT & Let’s Encrypt strict policy

Today I faced the first implications of deciding to tightly restrict the use of nsupdate keys for modifying TXT records for dns-01 challenges with Let’s Encrypt.


This section should be on and you can skip it to get to the real stuff.

Today I’m working on a mostly automated FreshPorts node deployment. A FreshPorts node consists of:

  • host server – A FreeBSD host which contains the other nodes
  • database – holds the commits
  • mx ingress – mostly deprecated now as FreeBSD moves to git
  • ingress – processes the commits into the database
  • web – displays the commits to the user

Each of those components is independent but they usually reside on one host, each within a separate jail on the host.

For my proof-of-concept deployment to AWS, I’ve put the database in Amazon RDS.

Also for the AWS POC, I’ll only be doing the host server, and two jails: ingress and web.

Cert creation failure

I went to create a new cert today, as part of my AWS-FreshPorts work. It failed. Names have been changed.

The following shows my cert creation for

$ --issue --dns dns_nsupdate -d
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:15 UTC 2020] Using CA:
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:15 UTC 2020] Creating domain key
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:16 UTC 2020] The domain key is here: /var/db/acme/certs/
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:16 UTC 2020] Single domain=''
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:16 UTC 2020] Getting domain auth token for each domain
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:17 UTC 2020] Getting webroot for domain=''
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:17 UTC 2020] Adding txt value: iBVvRKd8mYvEUEA_QjISfl845RHS1wjmtgy5i2xgK8Y for domain:
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:17 UTC 2020] adding 60 in txt "iBVvRKd8mYvEUEA_QjISfl845RHS1wjmtgy5i2xgK8Y"
update failed: REFUSED
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:17 UTC 2020] error updating domain
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:17 UTC 2020] Error add txt for
[Thu Dec 24 12:48:17 UTC 2020] Please check log file for more details: /var/log/

Quite clearly, the TXT record was not added.

Looking at my DNS servers, I find:

24-Dec-2020 12:48:17.931 client @0x830f62f68 
updating zone '': update failed: rejected by secure update (REFUSED)

Before issuing a new certificate, I need to first add a grant for the TXT record for all hostnames which will be present in that certificate. That is one grant per hostname.

The amendments

This is what I added to my zone files:

+ grant name TXT;
+ grant name TXT;

I might as well add the grant for the other cert I’ll create later today.

That fixed it.

Change in routine

Here is what I should be doing:

  1. Create A record, perhaps PTR record too
  2. add grant
  3. repeat for any other hostnames in the new cert
  4. issue new cert
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