Aug 282021

I like readability. I like it in variable names. I prefer something descriptive and easy to ready. In in this post: FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p4 poudriere 3.3.7 I recently started getting messages like this from my daily poudiere build: I could just rename the sets, everything would be rebuilt, but then clients would be stuck pointing at […]

Aug 272021

net/mosquitto is an open source (BSD licensed) message broker that implements the MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol. I use it for event notification. Related posts: mosquitto: upgrade from 1.x to 2.x requires configuration changes to keep working Using mtqq to create a notification network: mosquitto, mqttwarn, hare, and hared Installing Owntracks recorder on FreeBSD In […]

Aug 272021

This was written a few weeks ago and I just noticed today that it had not been published. Following on from I bought a new nvme drive – or did I?, I ran stressdisk on it. [dvl@test ~]$ sudo gpart add -a 4k -t freebsd-zfs nvd0 nvd0p1 added [dvl@test ~]$ gpart show nvd0 => 34 […]

Aug 092021

Bought a new NVMe drive. Installed it using cheap PCIe adaptor bought off Amazon. From /var/run/dmesg.boot nvd0: NVMe namespace nvd0: 244198MB (500118192 512 byte sectors) Surprisingly, the device is already partitioned. [dvl@test ~]$ gpart show nvd0 => 34 500118125 nvd0 GPT (238G) 34 500118125 – free – (238G) [dvl@test ~]$ Eh, is is this a […]

Aug 032021

On one recent FreeBSD 13 host, I noticed a lack of motd. The MOTD (Message Of The Day) appears when you login. Typically, it looks like this: [dan@rose:~] $ r720 Last login: Mon Aug 2 00:30:13 2021 from FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p3 (GENERIC) #0: Tue Jun 29 19:46:20 UTC 2021 Welcome to FreeBSD! Release Notes, Errata: […]

Jul 232021

In the past, I have tried vnet jails with pf, and hit trouble. I was never able to get pf to allow the vnet traffic when having a default ‘block log all’ rule. More recently, I encountered the same problem when using byhve. This time, I moved byhve to another host, which is not using […]

Jul 102021

To ignore files in your subversion working directory, try this. [dan@dev-ingress01:~/scripts]: $ svn st M . ? helper_scripts ? ? ? ? I want to ignore all those files, so: $ svn st > .IgnoreThese Then I edit the file, so only the file names are shown. Something like this: Then […]