Aug 212017

I just swapped out a drive which was involved in a gmirror swap. This is the current status: $ gmirror status Name Status Components mirror/swap DEGRADED da0p2 (ACTIVE) da2p2 (ACTIVE) da3p2 (ACTIVE) da4p2 (ACTIVE) da5p2 (ACTIVE) da9p2 (ACTIVE) da10p2 (ACTIVE) Here is how I can fix that: sudo gmirror forget swap The above tells gmirror […]

Aug 202017

In general, passphrase-less ssh keys are a security nightmare. It is similar to leaving the key to your front door in the lock. Anyone stumbling across it has access to your house. Similarly, if someone gets your ssh key, and there is no passphrase on it, they can use that key for anything which grants […]

Jul 312017

These steps were carried out on FreeBSD 11.0 with PostgreSQL 9.6 (two of my favorite tools). I like logging. I like logging PostgreSQL. With logs, you can see what happened. Without, you can only guess. Setting up logging for PostgreSQL involves several parts, each of which must be completed or else I don’t get what […]