Mar 192018

You have an old DNS server: You have a new DNS server: You have a domain,, for which you want to swap the old DNS server with the new DNS using nsupdate. NOTE: the domain is The NS servers are in (different domains). These are the commands you issue: update […]

Feb 242018

Let’s Encrypt is an easy way to get free SSL certificates in an automated manner. You may never have to manually do another cert renewal again. Last night, I received this email: From: Cron Daemon To: Subject: Cron /usr/local/bin/cert-puller Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 23:57:00 +0000 (UTC) /etc/rc.conf: 3: not found /etc/rc.conf: yr: not […]

Jan 292018

I have several old devices. Upgrading them is either impossible, they are unsupported, or I can’t be bothered upgrading the. Access is only via a dedicated VLAN within my home network. When stuck, I posted to Twitter and that led me to OpenSSH Legacy Options. This page describes what to do when OpenSSH refuses to […]

Jan 292018
Assigning static IP addresses via dhcp

NOTE: if you’re using something other than OSX, say, FreeBSD, then a previous blog post might be the solution you are looking for. I suggest skipping to the final paragraph before you implement any of what is below. You fire up your laptop, connect via WIFI, you get an IP address. You plug in an […]

Jan 162018
Disconnect UNIFI switch - US-16-XG

My Unifi US-16-XG switch was offline. It was still functioning correctly, but it was not in contact with the Controller. I wasn’t sure how to fix this, but this blog post shows what I now think should always work. It consists of two steps: Get the switch talking to the Controller Make the above change […]