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cmake output changes

I noticed a difference in the regression testing output between two systems today. cmake-2.6.4 Stopping the Bacula File daemon Stopping the Bacula Storage daemon Stopping the Bacula Director daemon ===== pretest OK 00:00:39 ===== 1/110 Testing disk:acl-xattr-test Passed 2/110 Testing disk:action-on-purge-test Passed 3/110 Testing disk:accurate-test Passed 4/110 Testing disk:allowcompress-test Passed 5/110 Testing disk:auto-label-test Passed 6/110

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Faster backups

Backups come in three flavors: Full – backup everything Differential – backup everything since the last Full backup Incremental – backup everything since the last backup (Full or Incremental) I took the above from What Is Bacula? Most systems use mtime to determine if a file has changed. Thus, any file that has been modified

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For the weekend

There are a few random tasks (in addition to my big list of things to do) that I’d like to tackle over the weekend: Start regression testing Bacula on 7.x – Done Send out a BSDCan letter of invitation – Done Complete that application for security clearance – Hmm, partly done…. just need the vehicle

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Short term plan

I have several items I would like to complete in the short term. Writing them down may help me commit to doing them. To Do Upgrade the NYI server to the latest version of PostgreSQL Prepare the BSDCan and PGCon websites for 2009 (partly done) Get MacPorts running on my MacBook Get spamd running on

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cfengine – practical examples

In a sea of inadequete cfengine examples, one stands out: I’m in the early stages of developing an administration strategy for a jail server I’m setting up. It will run regression tests for Bacula. I’ve already found ezjail, which will help me create the jails. What I needed was tool for administering the jails.

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