Jul 082014

I had a power failure at home tonight. The clients did not react well to the outage. They aren’t at home. They’re out there on the internets. Jul 9 01:02:49 tallboy openvpn[40792]: UDPv4 link local (bound): [AF_INET] Jul 9 01:03:51 tallboy openvpn[40792]: UDPv4 link local (bound): [AF_INET] Jul 9 01:04:53 tallboy openvpn[40792]: UDPv4 link local [...]

Jun 292014

I’m running multiple concurrent poudriere builds on slocum. I see no problems doing this. [dan@slocum:~] $ uptime 9:51PM up 1 day, 6:37, 8 users, load averages: 30.38, 22.58, 11.87 [dan@slocum:~] $ ps auwx | grep sudo root 8877 0.0 0.0 48804 2616 1 I+ 9:45PM 0:00.01 sudo /usr/local/bin/poudriere bulk -j 92amd64 -f /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/buildlists/knew -z knew [...]

Jun 102014

I have a custom patch for Nagios. I use poudriere for building my FreeBSD ports. How can I combine the two? I asked that question on the FreeBSD Ports Mailing list. The answer came via IRC, from bsd-x. He introduced me to the concept of EXTRA_PATCHES (documented here). I added these entries to /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/webserver-make.conf: .if [...]

Jun 102014

Last night, and again this morning, I thought my inbox was rather light. When I checked Nagios, I found out why. I saw two mail servers: nyi-vpn check_postfix_queue CRITICAL 06-10-2014 12:12:38 0d 12h 51m 40s 4/4 96 mail(s) in queue supernews-vpn check_postfix_queue CRITICAL 06-10-2014 12:11:10 0d 10h 48m 8s 4/4 124 mail(s) in queue It [...]

May 112014

I’m using FreeBSD 9.2 and Nagios 3.5.1. A few weeks ago I wrote about freebsd-update reminding you to upgrade your affected systems. Since then, freebsd-update has continued to send me false positives about upgrading. Suggestions have been made that I track down Colin Percival at BSDCan 2014, which starts in few days. However, I know [...]

May 052014

It seems that when I decided to send a filesystem from one server to another, I neglected to establish sufficient space existed. This morning, before I headed to BSDCan, I found that my server was very sluggish and slow to respond. Nagios was flagging all kinds of errors, some of which I’d never seen before. [...]

Apr 262014

Here is a list of the jails on the two main hosts I use at home: knew I used to have a host called kraken. I created a server server, kraken-new, or knew. knew performs many tasks: runs Bacula regressions tests against various database versions hosts the backups for my Bacula server runs my home [...]