Jan 142015

Just a note for myself. I had this kind of thing in /etc/fstab so I could share one installation of plugins and themes for WordPress. /usr/local/wordress/plugins /usr/jails/freebsddiary.org/usr/local/www/wordpress/plugins nullfs ro,nosuid,noexec,late 0 0 /usr/local/wordress/themes /usr/jails/freebsddiary.org/usr/local/www/wordpress/themes nullfs ro,nosuid,noexec,late 0 0 /usr/local/wordress/plugins /usr/jails/news.freshports.org/usr/local/www/wordpress/plugins nullfs ro,nosuid,noexec,late 0 0 /usr/local/wordress/themes /usr/jails/news.freshports.org/usr/local/www/wordpress/themes nullfs ro,nosuid,noexec,late 0 0 Then I moved them to their […]

Jan 132015

I have three APC PDU AP7900 and I’m about to dispose of one of them. I like to wipe the configuration from equipment prior to disposal. I could not recall the login details for any of my three PDUs. Fortunately, I still had the serial cable required to get into the console. I also had […]

Jan 122015
Testing email delivery

The solution Here is the solution. You can stop reading now: ./check_email_delivery –smtp-server smtp.example.org –mailto dan@example.org \ –mailfrom dan@example.org \ –body ‘test, please ignore’ –imapssl \ –imap-server imap.example.org –username deltest –password secret That will test both delivery and receipt. There. Be gone. You don’t need the rest of this article. Thanks. Background As pointed out, […]

Dec 302014

If you’re using Postfix for submission and attempts to submit give this messages on the Postix server: Recipient address rejected: Domain not found you’re probably chroot’d. That is, your submssion entry in master.cf looks like this: submission inet n – – – – smtpd When it should look like this: submission inet n – n […]

Dec 292014

Here is the output for zfs-stats on slocum. This represents a 24 hour period. This server acts as my database server (MySQL and PostgreSQL), and runs bacula-dir, but does not store any backups locally. It also houses the dev copy of FreshPorts.