Dec 142016

The knew server is ‘frozen’ again. This has been happening daily at about O301 UTC each night. See my Twitter feed for background. In this post I will include details as I progress through the data. The server in question is knew (yes, that’s the hostname). dtrace hotkernel I left this running in an ssh […]

Nov 222016
Flashing an LSI SAS 9201-16i - correctly

Three weeks ago, I thought I had flashed my new LSI SAS 9201-16i. I had not. When I powered up the system via mfsBSD, I could see the device, but during the boot process, there was no splash screen. I now believe this should always be a signal that you have not correctly flashed the […]

Nov 162016

This server recently moved to a rack-mount chassis. On an interim basis, it contains an LSI SAS 9101-16i. For future reference, this is the slocum server, which I use for various jails and services. The filesystems, well, some of them: And dmesg:

Nov 032016
Flashing an LSI SAS 9201-16i

WARNING: This did not work. It succeeded, without error, but the card did not work. There will be a new blog post soon. Yesterday, a new LSI SAS 9201-16i arrived. I bought it on eBay from a supplier in China and paid for expedited shipping. I offered US$250 for their $338 listing and it was […]

Oct 072016
Greg Truskey, TruCo

I’m writing this to document the facts. I’ll leave adjectives and opinions to you. Greg Truskey, TruCo was hired to perform renovations which started in August 2015. The estimate was 11 weeks. He was on site from about 9am to 3:30pm. Arriving earlier or late was uncommon. On days he would not arrive, we would […]

Oct 012016

I noticed this on one FreeBSD server today: $ pkg -vv | grep url url: “pkg+”, I decided: let’s use https, not http, there. After making the change (in my case, it was in /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/local.conf, I tried upgraded packages, and it barfed: $ sudo pkg upgrade Updating local repository catalogue… Certificate verification failed for /C=IL/O=StartCom […]

Sep 132016
Moving from shelves to racks

The time has come for me to move from shelving to racks. My first thought was to list the various racks over the years. Look below for old photos and links to the posts I lifted them from. Why a rack? In the past, I have always built my own servers, computers, from parts. I […]