Pentabarf – seeing the speakers

Both BSDCan and PGCon use Pentabarf for accepting and reviewing proposals for talks. An issue raised in 2009 highlighted the ability to see the speaker name when review the list of submissions. It is a bit of very useful information. This year, I’ve found out that we can see that vital data. Provided the speaker …

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Faster backups

Backups come in three flavors: Full – backup everything Differential – backup everything since the last Full backup Incremental – backup everything since the last backup (Full or Incremental) I took the above from What Is Bacula? Most systems use mtime to determine if a file has changed. Thus, any file that has been modified …

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Bacula – moving File storage

I noticed today that the Bacula installation was still using the default File Storage location of /tmp. That is adequate for testing, but we should move it elsewhere. The safest approach to making this change is: stop bacula-sd copy the files to the new location rename the old location amend bacula-sd.conf restart bacula-sd test After …

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Bacula 3.0

Bacula 3.0 is getting much closer to release. There are some amazing new features coming soon to a packaging system near you. I last wrote about these features in October. I am bringing them up again because I just submitted a patch for sysutils/bacula-server-devel. Yes, now you can easily start playing with all those new …

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