Author name: Dan Langille

Work found

I’ve found work. Lots of it in fact. I had three job offers, and declined to proceed to with a few more interview processes. In the end, I took a job with Afilias. I’ll be working with PostgreSQL as a DBA (database administrator). It was just 6 weeks ago that I posted to a few …

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Work wanted

I’m looking for work. I’m a software developer with lots of sysadmin experience. My ideal job would require multiple skills and involve development of high availability strategy, some coding, database design, and some sysadmin work, although not necessarily in that order. My resume: Will consider relocation.

The New Bike

The new bike has arrived. A green Santa Cruz Heckler. The background: Death of a bike: Choosing a new fully suspended bike: I drove down to Elite Cycling & Fitness (Pinecrest, south Miami) on Wednesday. It is about two hours south from Jupiter. I arrived about 2:30. They attached my pedals. Swapped the …

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A multi-platform regression testing machine

I’m considering implementing a multi-platform regression testing box. This would be used to run regression tests on each of the platforms. My first consideration was install each OS on a different partition/HDD, then boot into each OS for each test. Then I considerered something like VMWare, or Xen. The pros/cons I thought of were:   …

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Found: Santa Cruz Heckler

I’ve found my Santa Cruz Heckler at Elite Cycling and Fitness. It should be ready for me on Wednesday. The RP23 rear shock upgrade has been ordered on a 3-day delivery. The price is $2200 (If memory serves). That’s $1999 + $85 upgrade = $2084 plus tax. Another place I’ve been talking:

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